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We know of 81 villages in the WAVE region; some are operating while others are in various stages of development. Of these, 17 are in Washington D.C., 43 in Maryland, 20 in Virginia and 1 in West Virginia. The list of all known villages and a map of their locations are below (WAVE member villages are in boldface). A full list of WAVE members can be found on About: WAVE Member Villages

Go to the Directory of all Villages to see a list of villages with contact information.

All Known Villages in the WAVE Region

District of Columbia



West Virginia


Local Government Village Contacts

Below is a small version of an interactive google map of the villages in WAVE. They are listed by jurisdication then alphabetical. If you click on a marker or name on the list it will show the name and location of the Village and contact information. Blue markers are operating villages and red ones are in development.

On this map if you scroll up or down with your mouse scroll wheel, you can expand or contract the map. If you hold down your left mouse, you can move the map around.

If you go to the full size WAVE map you can see a list of villages as well as the map, where you will be able to see the information more clearly.
View the full size Washington Area Villages Exchange map 

To find out if there's a village near you in other parts of the United States, click Here

Can't find a village near you? Thinking about starting a village? WAVE offers free mentoring to start-up villages for one year. Visit our Mentoring and Mutual Support Page
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