WAVE will be an integral part of the VTV Gathering September 29 - October 1 which will be held in Crystal City, Arlington.  We will have more information here soon. 
The VTVnetwork has information on the National Village Gathering page.
Next WAVE Quarterly Meeting will be in October.
Montgomery County Villages -- We have been working with Pazit Aviv the Montgomery County Village Coordinator to create a section for you.  In includes her monthly emails on upcoming events and a number of links which may be of interest.  The Montgomery page is located under the heading Groups.



The About Us page has information about WAVE.  Under About Us is a page Our Villages which lists the Villages in the Washington metropolitan area and has a map of their locations. 

The Calendar includes upcoming WAVE and member organization activities.  (Send us information for your village events.)

The Meetings page includes upcoming WAVE related meetings and information on past WAVE meetings.

The In the News page has stories in the print and other media about Villages.

The Announcements page is WAVE and its villages can list information which may be of interest to others.



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Upcoming Events


National Village Gathering 2014


  1pm - 3pm
WAVE tech team 1:30

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