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Village Reports

A Comparison of DC Area Neighborhood Villages


This is a report (click) prepared by D. Michael Murtha, Ph.D. a volunteer with Arlington Neighborhood Villages in Arlington, Virginia.  The report compares the descriptive material provided by 19 villages in Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland on their websites in five areas, the village‚Äôs mission, village services, village vendor recommendations, advocacy assistance offered to village members, and social and other special purpose events organized by the village.  The material, generally presented  verbatim from their websites, is provided for reference purposes to be used by villages that seek to improve their functions and strengthen their public presentations.

Aging in Place 2013 Summer Study: Senior Villages in Montgomery County

The Commission on Aging:
  • Identified current and emerging Senior Villages in Montgomery County
  • Reviewed Village websites
  • Surveyed and interviewed all Villages in the County.
The results of the 2013 Summer Study Survey (click) are intended to inform the Commission on Aging about the current status of Villages in the County,their successes, failures, challenges and needs. The study is further intended
  1. educate the Commission about the needs of seniors in diverse and lower income communities
  2. assess whether or not the Village concept is viable and sustainable within these communities
  3. to provide a strong foundation of knowledge about the status of current and emerging Villages for the County Villages Coordinator.
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