WAVE Membership Meeting

Monday, April 15, 2019

Patricia Clark welcomed attendees. She thanked our breakfast sponsor Brandywine Living Alexandria, and Cele Garrett and volunteers from At Home Alexandria for their support for securing the Charles Huston Rec Center for the meeting.


Montgomery County will hold a meeting for caregivers on 05 June; contact Lily Fisher with the Montgomery County Office of Adult and Disability Services for more information. 

Arlington Neighbourhood Village will hold their fundraising gala on 03 May; contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Reston for a Lifetime announced Resources for Better Aging online resource center. Contact for info. 

Administrative Reports

Treasurer reported 38 paid Villages, with $1,340 in dues paid; and $7,207.31 in our bank account.  The fall 2019 WAVE Miniconference (see below) is currently budgeted for $1,400.

Secretaries reported that all minutes are up to date on the WAVE website as are Village entries.

Fall WAVE Miniconference

The Miniconference Planning Committee reported that they are planning for a conference in the Fall 2019, not to conflict with the national VTV Network Annual Gathering (Chicago, Sept 18-20,  

The conference will have four tracks, with approx. four sessions each:

  1. Management issues
  2. Scope of Village services and activities
  3. Strategic issues
  4. Technology

Additional information will be posted on the WAVE website as it is further developed, including date, location, etc. 

Alcohol Abuse – A Special Problem for Seniors

Rob Fleming, Mount Pleasant Village, made a short presentation on alcohol abuse dangers with older people.  He presented statistics about alcohol abuse in the District of Columbia. He noted that the problem is often rooted in on the individual’s biology, affecting behaviour, economics and ultimately politics at the community level, which in turn can block solutions to the problem.  Estimates are that alcohol abuse can kill as many as 88 thousand people per year and cost approximately $250 Billion across the country. Given how much this problem contributes to social isolation, he suggests that Villages explore alternatives to alcohol use and opportunities to address the issues in their communities.

Memoir Writing

Anne Bolen, Anne B. History LLC, addressed memoir writing as an avenue towards addressing social isolation in the community. She presented how memoir writing in small group settings is a powerful way to create meaningful social experiences. She discussed the power of storytelling and preserving our histories, and conducted small group exercises to demonstrate the ease in which Villages could implement storytelling opportunities in their communities.