Washington Area Villages Exchange
WAVE Board Meeting
May 10, 2019, 10:30am - 12:00 pm

Treasurer: Leigh Sempeles
     Financial status, proposed budget for November mini-conference, membership and dues, outreach to
     non-member villages
Recording Secretary: Eddie Rivas
     Review minutes and notes
     Select a new recording Secretary
Corresponding Secretary: Dave Prescott
     Report on website, communications
     Issues related to spam targeting this Board
VP: Mary Jo Deering
     Fall WAVE Meeting – mini-conference
     Ideas for locations, topics, speakers, etc.
     Locations: 441 4th Street, AARP (Barbara Sullivan recommended – Eddie was going to check into it)
VP: Gail Kutner
     Program topics and suggestions for June meeting
    Meeting Structure: Shorter program as well as a longer program. Review of the last two.
    Long-term care issue: Mary Procter and Elizabeth Cabot Nash and others have an ‘interest group’.
    Will provide us with letters to send regarding the details.
Strategic Direction for WAVE: Process to study and implement ideas from California, others ideas.
IT Group: Work Group Update & Discussion of Use of New Technology status
2020 Census: Completely online.
Other things