WAVE Board of Directors Meeting - Friday, March 15, 2019


(See Meeting Minutes Below)


Treasurer: Leigh Sempeles

Financial status, proposed budget for November mini-conference, membership and dues, outreach to non-member villages.

Recording Secretary: Minutes Eddie Rivas

Review minutes from February meeting and notes

Structure of WAVE: Develop a structure to coordinate and ‘house’ issues by including others who have expertise, and not overwhelming the Board.

February Meeting: Discuss and analyze.  Issues or things to follow up on.

LBGTQ: Continue and/or increase our support; WAVE website section for LGBTQ?  WAVE table at DC Pride event for all area villages?  Create, support interest group.

Meeting Structure: Shall we attempt to have a shorter program, as Susan Messina did for us, as well as a longer program?

Long-term care issue: How shall WAVE continue the issue presented by Mary Procter and Elizabeth Cabot Nash?  Have an ‘interest group’?

VP Gail Kutner

Program topics and suggestions for April and June meetings and 2020.

VP Mary Jo Deering

Fall WAVE Meeting – mini-conference

Ideas for locations, topics, speakers, etc.

Corresponding Secretary: Dave Prescott

Report on website, communications

Strategic Direction for WAVE: Process to study and implement ideas from California, others ideas. 

IT Group: Work Group Update & Discussion of Use of New Technology status

New Business



Meeting Minutes

Conference Call at 3:02 pm

Pat Clark and Gail Kutner will develop a list of topic areas to be considered for future WAVE meeting presentations/speakers.  This list will include resource people with expertise that can present updates, follow issue areas, etc. for WAVE members and participants.

As a follow-up to the February WAVE meeting, and the presentation by Susan Messina of Iona, the board began a discussion of further ways that WAVE can support villages with regard to LBGTQ sensitivity and specific needs and services.  This discussion will be continued. 

All agreed that the present WAVE meeting structure – short presentation followed by more in-depth presentation on a specific topic – should be maintained, allowing for flexibility depending on subject matter and other business.  Cele Garrett offered, all agreed, to work on a presentation related to recording memories/individuals’ stories for the April meeting.

Mary Jo Deering asked for assistance in planning a day long WAVE meeting/conference to offer workshops and plenary speaker(s).  Miriam Kelty and Don Moldover offered to serve on a committee to assist.  Given the nature of space needs for such a conference, various venues will be investigated for consideration, as will a date sometime in the fall. 

Leigh Semples provided a Treasurer’s report. During discussion, we affirmed that developing villages do not need to pay dues. It was suggested that calls to villages to pay dues be made by jurisdiction.

Dave Prescott offered a report on updates in progress to the website, listserves and calendar events.  

Pat Clark led a short discussion about whether WAVE should look at our strategic direction – mission, vision, value to members, etc. It was suggested that we review what the Village Movement California presented at the VTVN meeting last fall, and that perhaps we consider a longer board retreat/meeting or a dedicated WAVE meeting with facilitation to help guide the discussion.  Plans for this are still in the making.

Don Moldover and Mary Jo Deering offered that the IT Group will be reviewing a demonstration of caregiver support software in early April.  They will report about that demonstration at a later date. 

Meeting concluded at approximately 4:40 pm.