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WAVE Meeting, Monday, 19 June 2017

WAVE Meeting

Monday, 19 June 2017


Barbara Sullivan, Executive Director of Mt. Vernon At Home, presided over this meeting. She opened the meeting outlining the Board’s new structure and the introduction of WAVE’s new timetable for three meetings per year. The Board Chair/President will rotate on this trimester basis, with a Board representative from each jurisdiction (DC, MD & VA) chairing WAVE’s activities and meeting every four months. 

Alexandra Johnson from Old Dominion Home Care was then introduced and thanked for providing the meeting’s refreshments. She provided a short description of Old Dominion Home Care’s services and their willingness to work with villages as appropriate.

Board reports were made:

  • Minutes for the past WAVE meeting were accepted, with a request that minutes be posted sooner for review on the website.
  • The Treasurer reported that dues for the July 2017- June 2018 year were due in July, and that each village please send in the registration form with their check to update our official contacts for each village. It was also announced that WAVE would pay for one (1) village in development for the Annual Gathering in Baltimore, 5-8 Nov. 2017.
  • The IT (Internet/Technology) Committee reported that they need help finding a new web master for the WAVE website.  The Committee hopes to contribute to the national village conversation re: the needed IT tools that are more user-friendly and affordable for villages.  Therefore they need assistance in gathering information for newsletters, developing messaging for developing villages and other forms of support. 
  • Peggy Simpson, VTV National Board Member and a founding member of DuPont Circle Village, reminded everyone that the Early Bird registration would end July 31; that the national office was launching a User’s Group for IT with the opening conference session addressing the digital revolution, and there will again be Dine-Arounds at the conference by interest areas.

Guest Speaker: Emily Carton, Owner of Thetfordhouse, “How villages can help with compassionate care and support for our loved ones.”

  • Defined compassion as suffering with others and helping to alleviate their suffering, all with intention.
  • Spoke about “social suffering,” feeling of isolation/not belonging to a social body; not being in relationships; wanting to be seen, loved, to feel at home, feeling valued.
  • Described the importance of showing up and looking beyond one’s own fears and biases; cited an example of a ten year old that overcame her own fears to sing in front of a gathering of SNF residents.
  • Told the story of two residents of the old Roosevelt Hotel on 16th & Florida, NW, DC, who became close friends and mutual supports even though they each suffered from serious disabilities due to their illnesses and older age. “Love is possible regardless of impairments.”
  • Described an individual who had had a lobotomy and dementia, who could not lie and wanted to have a dialogue: “don’t take things personally, their behavior is their means of communication.”
  • “Be directive and use what you know to build bridges with others. Create bridges to people in their own worlds.”
  • Mentioned an article in the New York Times, The Zen of Alzheimer’s, in which the authors state the importance of repeated moments and teaching the importance of living in the moment.
  • Unfortunately, societal norms regarding Alzheimer’s disease creates hostility towards people with dementia. Thus it is also important to support caregivers. 


Carolyn Ward, Georgetown Univ. Medical Center, announced that the Memory Disorders Program would soon start enrolling potential subjects/ cognitively normal patients in clinical trials, for anyone interested in their research.

Staff (Miriam ?) from the Corporation for Community Services stated that they planned on starting their focus groups with village members later that week; please contact her, Anthony Nerino or Emily Morrison.

Various villages mentioned that they would be holding watch parties for national video cast from VTV on Sept. 25th with Dr. Atul Gawande, author of Being Mortal

Waterfront Village in Southwest DC, will host the next WAVE meeting, Tuesday 17 October 2017, in St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church, 555 Water Street, SW, Washington DC 20024. Parking is available at The Wharf, 100 4th Street, SW. The Waterfront Metro stop is one block away. Networking at 9:30 am; meeting starts at 10:00 am; optional Networking Lunch at The Wharf at 12:30 pm. 

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