WAVE Board Meeting

Monday, 29 Feb. 2016

In Attendance:  Miriam Kelty, Virginia Hodgkinson, Bob McDonald, Eddie Rivas, Pat Clark, Pat Scalero, Barbara Sullivan, L Liddle, Don Moldover, George Smith and Gail Kutner; convened at 1:05 pm.

By Laws discussion

Defined Class 1 WAVE members as dues-paying members (eligible to vote for Board officials and formal business) versus Class 2 members as Developing Villages with discounted rates. 

Although the Board currently numbers eleven members, by laws allow for between 3-13 members. All members have two-year terms and can serve for up to three terms. 

The election for the board members is held during the Annual Meeting, usually held in January.

If we choose to change the bylaws, it should be done by the end of 2016 in order to facilitate filing our revised IRS 990 form. 

L Liddle will chair a By Laws Committee to review the bylaws; members include Pat C., Virginia .H and Eddie R. The By Laws Committee will review the possibilities of naming “co-conveners” and the need for geographic distribution of officers; it will also visit other issues as they arise. 

Vision & Mission Statement Revisions

All agreed by majority vote (6:5) that the Vision statement was too vague, and agreed to replace the geographic reference from “world” to “region.”

New Census Committee

L Liddle will also chair a new Census Committee to organize a census of WAVE villages for updated information.  Committee members include: Gail K, Virginia H, Pat S, Don M, Bob McD and Barbara Gage who will be approached by Pat Clark to determine willingness to serve. 

WAVE Spring Meeting   

Date: Monday, 25 April 2016, 9:30 am to noon, in Northern Virginia; Gail K will work with Miriam to determine location, agenda and speaker.  A potential topic for a meeting speaker is to discuss the importance of social interaction as we age. 

WAVE Domain Name

Don M will use our email addresses to assure access to the WAVE Board pages on our webpage; he will maintain management of the domain name and payments, working with Virginia H as the Treasurer. 

Village Guide

Miriam reported that Chapters 1 thru 5 were with an editor under review, and would be distributed to Board members for review as well.  When completed, the intent is that the document remains a living document by being posted on the WAVE website for public consumption. Protocols will need to be determined for future edits, etc.  We hope to have it posted by summer 2016.

IT Group

Don M reported on the decision to forgo building on either of the two databases currently being used by WAVE members and developed locally.  Rather there will be an effort to create a new sustainable database which can be locally supported and enhanced without too much difficulty and costs. 

The IT Group also met with the developer of the Village Rides/Rides Scheduler software who may be interested in developing a new database product for WAVE members. Of concern however is that fact that the developer said he would move forward only if he could be assured of villages’ interests to purchase the product.  Since WAVE cannot guarantee such participation from its members, Don M will poll WAVE members, and would like to report back to WAVE during a Quarterly Meeting.  Barbara S and Eddie R agreed to work with Don M to develop the survey instrument for the poll and review the poll’s findings and determine what type of presentation would make the most sense for a WAVE meeting. 

Other Business

At this time, there is no formal webmaster for the WAVE website as Pete Olivere ceased his maintenance of the website.  Don M will work on this until other arrangements are made.

We started a discussion about the need for a Membership Chair for WAVE. This topic will need to be revisited during the next Board meeting. 

Adjourned at 2:40 pm.