WAVE Board Conference Call

Wed. 18 Nov. 2015

In Attendance:

Miriam Kelty                      Bob McDonald                            Eddie Rivas

Virginia Hodgkinson           Pat Clark                                    L. Liddle       

Don Moldover                   Iris Molotsky                               Pat Scolaro

Barbara Sullivan

Unable To Attend:             Peggy Gervasi


1) Strategic Plan --

Reviewed the Mission Statement found in Paragraph 2.3 Purpose of the WAVE By-Laws (  Agreed that Barbara S will take that language to draft a shorter, more direct Mission Statement by 4th Dec. for review and comments by Board members. 

Revisited discussion regarding the role of WAVE as an organization. Agreed that for strategic planning purposes, WAVE focus on assisting in membership communications, connecting with each other and providing assistance as needed. 

Given the importance of collecting information for policy and other reasons (seeking funding, recruitment, volunteer development, etc.), collecting regional data is important and something that WAVE may be able to do for its members.  Agreed that a Board committee will convene to make recommendations for Board consideration on how to proceed in this area, looking to other village data collection efforts, specifically Andy Scharlach’s efforts at the UC Berkeley.  The Committee will be chaired by L Liddle; members: Miriam K., Virginia H., Bob McD. Pat S., Don M. and an invitation to Barbara Gage (on behalf of Pat C.).

2) Board Nominations –

Iris and Peggy will step down from the Board in January, opening up two slots. 

Virginia, Bob, Pat C, Eddie and L – 2 year terms end but all are willing to stand for reelection. 

Miriam, Barbara, Don and Pat S – all have another full year to serve on the Board.

L will send out a notice to operating Village asking for nominations for the Board and its officers from member Villages before the winter quarterly meeting (11 Jan. 2016). 

3) WAVE-Sponsored Memberships –

It had been proposed that WAVE purchase a VTVN membership, which it would make available to up to 10 individuals representing villages in development.  However in conversation with VTVN, they recommended purchasing six temporary memberships at $100/6 months with 10 access points.  All agreed that Virginia as Treasurer purchase one full WAVE membership with 10 access points as originally proposed; Barbara will assist.

4) Winter Quarterly Meeting –

Space is available at the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Regional Government Center on Tuesday 02 Feb., however that date does not work for two Board members. Therefore Miriam will attempt to reschedule for either the 11th or 12th Jan at the same location or at the Silver Spring Civic Center, and will reach out to some Montgomery County villages for their finding a sponsor for refreshments.  Update: Miriam confirmed Monday, 11 Jan 2016, 9:30 to noon at the B-CC Regional Govt. Center.

5) New Business –

Don M will again send an invitation to all Board members to test a WAVE Google Group for communication, something that he and Peggy G worked on for WAVE.

Pat C will provide a summary of the strategic plan efforts to date by the second week of December.

Miriam will work with Eddie and Virginia to develop an agenda for the Winter Quarterly meeting in Jan 2016. 

Meeting adjourned at 16:23 pm.