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WAVE Quarterly Meeting Minutes, Monday 26 October 2015

WAVE Quarterly Meeting Minutes

Monday 26 October 2015

The Wave Quarterly meeting was opened by Miriam Kelty, WAVE President by introducing Sally White, Iona’s Executive Director. Sally welcomed everyone and introduced Deb Rubenstein, Iona’s Director of Consultation, Care Management and Counseling, who encouraged WAVE members to get in touch with her if they needed any assistance with their village members: (202) 895-0249 – direct line, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Staff from Grand Oaks Assisted Living, Christine ? and Lori ?, were introduced and thanked as the sponsors for the meeting’s refreshments. 

Panel Presentation

Introductions for the “Role of Government: Enhancing Village Capacities” panel were made.  Each panelist presented information on how each of their respective local governments provided assistance to villages in their jurisdiction. The three panelists are the appropriate contacts for information about villages, government resources, and technical assistance.

Brian Footer from the District of Columbia’s Office on Aging discussed DC’s interest in making DC’s neighborhoods more age friendly, while recognizing the value that villages offered its citizens’ well-being. He stated three principle roles for this work: 1) to design policy to assist the development of services; 2) providing technical assistance and coordination for sustainability; and 3) create opportunities for collaboration.  He also spoke about the importance of increasing awareness re: villages; leveraging partnerships for villages; and building villages’ capacities in their communities. 

Patricia Rohrer, Fairfax County Long Term Care Program Developer, spoke to the supports offered villages by Fairfax County including building capacity collectively, offering access to resources, reducing barriers, serving as a connector to community services and providing best practices.   Patricia mentioned some of their accomplishments to date, such as assisting in developing village websites and videos; providing guidance and technical support while encouraging collaborations; and providing in-kind and financial support and arranges mentoring.

Pazit Aviv , Montgomery County’s Village Coordinator, spoke about the origins and capacities of her role within the Mont. County Area Agency on Aging. Pazit addressed the importance of supporting diverse communities to build capacity for village development. This effort has led to providing space in public buildings, helping access small community grants, assistance in providing educational workshops and encouraging the development of livable environments.  She also discussed her strong role in supporting village communications by developing web-based interactive mapping, monthly email updates, organizing meetings and conferences and providing consultations. 

Discussion –

Cheverly Village raised transportation as an important, cross-jurisdictional issue. Mention was made of the Jewish Council on Aging’s Village Rides/Northern Virginia Rides program, which had been discussed in the previous WAVE Quarterly meeting in July.  Prince George’s County may be studying participation in JCA’s efforts.

Mt. Pleasant Village asked for a definition of “diverse” when Mont. County discussed this priority. It was defined as “high impact areas” which needed strong community education and support.  Mention was made of the on-going refinement of the Montgomery County Village Guide with a chapter on serving diverse communities. 

Reston for a Lifetime requested more information about DC’s mention of “vertical villages.” Discussion revolved around establishing villages in apartment buildings in DC.  [Note: no recognition was given to the Vertical Village at Wildwood in Arlington VA, the first of its kind.]

Foggy Bottom Village discussed the importance of addressing social isolation and those unwilling to ask for help. Several participants mentioned the importance of outreach and getting to know & help your neighbors.

WAVE Business Meeting

Barbara Sullivan gave an overview about the success of the Seattle VTVN National Gathering, with the most attendees ever and the excellent speakers at the conference.

Virginia Hodgkinson provided the Treasurer’s Report: WAVE has 25 paid members with $4,325.50 in the bank. She reminded everyone of the importance of paying WAVE dues in order to support our efforts and have a vote in formal matters.  Dues are $35/year staring on 15 July of each year.

Patricia Clark provided a short overview of WAVE’s strategic planning efforts and invited member participation.

Don Moldover offered a short report from the IT Group and its efforts towards providing WAVE members with access to either a stand along village database or a more comprehensive database similar to one in use by Capitol Hill Village. He mentioned that the group needs to be re-energized and is open to member support.

Pazit Aviv gave a longer summary of the Mont. County Village Guide – a living document, outline available on-line. 

Foggy Bottom/West End Village suggested that the Strategic Plan should encourage villages to conduct joint programs to encourage collaborations and getting to know each other.

DuPont Circle Village suggested that we note in the Plan how we define “service” so that we can get reluctant individuals to get involved for companionship and social activities.

Wyngate Neighbors Helping Neighbors stressed the importance of intergenerational programming to encourage both receiving and giving to village members’ communities. 

Meeting adjourned with a break and subsequent interest groups convened. 

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