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WAVE Board Meeting, Mon. 26 Oct. 2015

WAVE Board Meeting

Mon. 26 Oct. 2015

In Attendance:

Miriam Kelty                      Bob McDonald                            Eddie Rivas

Virginia Hodgkinson           Pat Clark                                    Peggy Gervasi         

Don Moldover                   Iris Molotsky                               Pat Scolaro

Barbara Sullivan

Unable To Attend:             L. Liddle


VTVN Seattle Gathering Debrief –

In general, WAVE was held in high esteem and recognized as a leader as one of the five regional groups representing villages in different parts of the country.  VTVN is trying to shift its emphasis to a more volunteer member driven organization, looking to fundraise and wanting more regional groups to provide local technical assistance to developing villages.  Estimates are that there are 190 operational villages and another 170 in development.     

Action: Miriam will negotiate a WAVE membership with VTVN so that WAVE will assist developing villages with access to VTVN’s resources on a temporary basis, perhaps allowing for as many as 8-10 access points.

WAVE Annual Meeting & Elections –

Meeting notices and announcements for at least two new board members           need to be sent out to WAVE members who paid their dues through July 2015.  We tentatively scheduled the Annual Meeting and Elections for Monday, 25 Jan 2016 at the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Service Center, pending availability. 

Actions: a) Miriam will check for availability of venue for the meeting; b) Virginia & Eddie will review notes to make sure we understand everyone’s terms of office, vacancies (Iris and Peggy stated that they will both need to leave the Board in January), etc.; c) Eddie and L will send out the meeting notice (once date and location are confirmed) with notice for board nominations. 

Other Business/Status Reports –

Pat Clark gave an overview of the strategic planning process to date. We discussed the need to for one more review of the vision and mission for WAVE. The subsequent discussion revolved around the need for consistent data collected by all villages (reference to Andy Sharlock’s efforts at UC Berkley), as well as the need to create a vehicle for WAVE members to communicate to each other. 

Action: Peggy and Don will work on developing a simple mechanism for WAVE member communication.

Meeting adjourned, with agreement for a Board meeting via conference call during the week of the 16 Nov. 2015. 

[NOTE – Board conference call is scheduled for Wednesday, 18 Nov, from 3:00 to 4:30 pm; conference call number is pending.]

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