WAVE Teleconference

Tuesday, November 18, 2014; 3:30-5:00 pm

Call in Number:  240-773-8138 Passcode 620528.


Welcome new Board members

Planning WAVE’s operations

Board member activities
President: Overall responsibility for affairs of organization
VP: Shadow President, be prepared to take over, assist President
Secretary: Take Minutes and distribute them two weeks following Board meeting or quarterly meeting; keep membership records; send out meeting notices and reminders to mailing list (members and non-members); prepare annual report with assistance of other Board members
Treasurer: File IRS forms annually; maintain bank account; keep financial records; keep records of dues-paying members; disburse funds; report on finances.
Members at large: Chair Committees

We need a committee to develop operating processes and procedures

Strategic planning committee: Should it be a committee of the whole board or a subgroup? Develop plan for WAVE for next 2-3 years including a major information and education campaign to let the metro community know who we are and what we represent and support . Part of this campaign will
define WAVE’s role in larger Village movement as largest and oldest regional group. Attached is an outline of what this campaign needs to accomplish.

Committee to develop policies and to coordinate services WAVE provides to Village movement: consultation service to new and operating villages in and external to our region; speakers service in our region; a resource to villages

IT Committee: Development and distribution of database and/or full information system to serve villages

Village Guide Committee: An existing committee that could come under group to coordinate services. The Village Guide will be offered as a service to villages

Program Planning Committee: In consultation with others, plan substantive program for quarterly meetings and identify and make arrangements with a sponsor who will provide refreshments