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WAVE Information/Education Program/Campaign - Nov 2014

WAVE  Information/Education Program/Campaign - November 2014

One of the primary purposes of WAVE is to inform the public about the location of villages and their services, but also to advocate for the increase of villages to cover the metro area.  To accomplish we need to develop a strategic plan which does the following:

  1. Inform the public about who we are and where we are
  2. Encourage and help neighborhoods to create villages to serve their seniors
  3. Inform government, local and national about villages and their advantages to seniors and communities
  4. Engage communities to provide needed services to help seniors remain active and in their own homes
  5. Redirect public policy to support services to allow seniors to remain in their own homes with adequate help when needed.
  6. Design and deliver a multi-faceted public information campaign that:

            a.) informs communities about local village movement and its contributions to helping seniors remain independent;

            b.)  informs the metro-area about WAVE and its services to increase the number of villages in the metro area;

            c.) Educate and seek the support of contributions from individuals, local governments, and the federal government to support and enhance the development of villages.

The development of this plan and seeking support to implement is critical to the future of WAVE.  To accomplish such and plan and its support will need a committee  led by board  members and other members of our communities that have the professional background to help put the plan together.  If we can put this together, it should ensure visibility of the villages in the aging in place movement and strengthen the leadership and services of WAVE.

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