Wave Board Meeting Notes

Monday, 28 April 2014

IT Group Report

Discussion centered around the development of WAVE software for villages, building on the conversation during the WAVE Quarterly Meeting. 

Don Moldover reported that WAVE needs to set aside approximately $300 for annual server costs for the software and website hosting.  Given security issues and continued increase in costs, he estimated a top figure of $600 over time. 

WAVE Website Postings

Discussion focused on the appropriateness of announcements on the WAVE website, which could indirectly be used as marketing for for-profit entities.  All Board members agreed the event announcements, including village fundraisers, and resources should be posted. 

In regards to event announcements, the Board trusts that individual village events are used as educational or social/recreational opportunities for members and that any self-promoting marketing on the part of presenters is limited to private time after the formal event. 

In reference to posting of resources, we intend to post those resources that are WAVE specific for sharing, and are not available elsewhere on the Internet including the VTVN Resources pages. 

2014 WAVE Dues

Given that WAVE had $721.45 in our bank account at the time of the Board meeting, and that we had needs for as much as $600 in the next year for IT needs and other purposes, the decision was made to increase dues from $25/year to $35 for 2014.  It was further agreed that villages in development will not be formally assessed dues but will continue to be offered the opportunity to make contributions to WAVE for support. 

Prior to mailing dues statements in early July 2014, the Board will prepare a simple explanation for why there is a need for a dues increase in 2014, and potentially increases in the next few years.  That statement will include language related to WAVE software development, to paying for the state charter and for maintaining email lists, etc.  [Note: a draft statement was circulated to Board members on Wednesday, 30 April for comments.]

Adjourned at 2:00 pm.