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Quarterly Meeting April 28 2014

WAVE Quarterly Meeting - Monday, April 28, 2014

Introductions and Announcements

  • Thanks to Springhouse Communities for refreshments with introduction to their residences by staff member Andrea Marcasoti.

  • “Montgomery’s Got Talent” will take place on 18 May 2014 at the Olney Theater.

  • Pam Saunders from Georgetown Univ. requested support for the Medical Products for Aging in Place study for which they are currently seeking subjects to fill out their survey.

  • Carolyn Ward, from the Georgetown U. Medical Center, introduced a new study on memory disorders, for which they also are looking for participants.

  • Peggy Gervasi announced that Silver Spring Village will hold an Age Friendly Home workshop on 14 May at 2:00 pm in Silver Spring’s Town Center.

  • Catherine McClellan, Chevy Chase at Home, announced a workshop on Appraisals by Sloans and Kenyon on 17 May. 

  • Patzik Aviv, the new Montgomery County Village Coordinator, was introduced.

  • Arlington Community Villages announced that they opened for business on 07 April.


Update on WAVE IT Project

Don Moldover offered that the work group has worked on adapting/developing software for both emerging and “mature” villages, with a due date of mid-June.  He explained that the simpler software for emerging villages is intended to be fully adaptable to the more advanced software for villages who are already using other data bases/software. 

VTV Network webinar and task force

Andy Mollison gave a short update on the status of the task force that has been tasked with moving the Village to Village Network to a more sustainable model for the future.  Due to the immediate cessation of funding from the Met-Life Insurance Co. and from National Capital Impact, Inc. by December 2014, the VTVN will need financial support.  At this time, VTVN dues only support approximately 25% of its operating costs.  Thus the task force is studying various models for keeping the VTVN active in supporting the village movement, if only at a more limited basis.  He also suggested that at the next WAVE meeting, part of the agenda will be to discuss WAVE’s participation in the National Village Gathering, to be held in Arlington VA, 28 Sept. – 1 Oct. 2014. 

Red Flags for Behavioral Health Issues

Stephanie Svec (?) of the Montgomery County DHHS’s Mental Health Services for Seniors and People with Disabilities presented material on understanding the complications of mental health issues compounded by life changes brought on by older age.  Issues discussed included the overlap of physical and mental health challenges and loss of function; medical problems; practical self-care and housing concerns; depression bought on by age and mental health; substance abuse; suicide; etc. 

Bonnie Klem (sp?) of MC DHHS’s Adult Protective Services provided an overview of the growing population of elders, MD Sate law [Article 4 MD Annotated Code] and potential for elder abuse – physical, financial, neglect, self-neglect and other forms of exploitation. 

Materials were made available from both programs. 

Next WAVE meeting

Summer will be held in Virginia. Date and location TBD.  

Click here for a printable pdf version of these notes.

Edgar Rivas Secretary


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