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Montgomery County’s Dementia Friendly Orientation for Organizations


Dementia Friendly Is a Montgomery County Priority

Dementia Friendly America (DFA), dfamerica.org is a volunteer national initiative which was announced by the White House Council on Aging in July 2015.
Montgomery County, MD is proud to be one of the first 8 communities nationwide to adopt the initiative.The DFA initiative has been designed as “a movement to more effectively support and serve those across America who are living with dementia and their family and friend care partners.”

Montgomery County’s DFA Speakers Bureau is already begun working toward these goals offering orientations sessions to educate and inspire local Dementia Friendly champions like you.

The Challenge:
Every day County residents (and their caregivers) experience unnecessary discomfort when running errands, dining out and attending local events. Without guidance on how to deal with awkward situations staff are often not comfortable when communicating with someone living with Dementia. Misunderstanding and
embarrassment results in loss of community goodwill.

Thankfully Montgomery County now provides no-cost short Dementia Friendly orientations

The Solution:
FREE Dementia Friendly orientation for customer service staff. This session is conducted by specialistspeakers who are qualified as Dementia Friendly
community educators. Attendees will gain new skills and resources so they can effectively conduct everyday business.

Training Objectives:
• Learn about Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia.
• Recognize the signs of dementia.
• Discover tips for communicating and interacting with a person who has dementia.
• Establish tips for creating a dementia-friendly physical space.


(Note: this is not Dementia Care certification).
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